WORKSHOP: Leading In The Present

Friday, October 07, 2016 8:30 AM
Grand Hyatt Erawan



(Please note, date has been changed. This workshop will now be held on Friday 7th October.)

This workshop will aim to develop leadership capacity to work with one’s experience in the present, in order to more effectively take up purposeful action in one’s organisational roles.

As leaders and professionals, we can often get caught up amid the intensity of opportunities and challenges that working in this region involves. A melting pot of diversely interconnected cultures, histories and international hubs, Bangkok is a regional capital teeming with cosmopolitan businesses marketing to a global clientele, multinational corporations, emerging startups, UN and NGO agencies and freelance consultants working on creative projects.  At times, we can become unfocused and unable to locate oneself within one’s inner and outer experiences. One might question ‘how have I found myself here and why?’, ‘what does my organisation need from me in order to serve its purpose?’, ‘what resources can I access to help me be more effective in my role?’.

This workshop will bring methods of organisational analysis and systems thinking to:

  • Practice working with experience in the present
  • Explore strategies to taking up one’s role more effectively
  • Enable insights into better mobilising people and teams to serve purpose

The workshop will be facilitated by two leadership development practitioners Rebekah O’Rourke and Aarti Kapoor. Rebekah is a renowned expert in the field with 25 years experience developing executive leadership across 30 countries and various cultures. Aarti Kapoor brings over 15 years of international experience working across the public, NGO and corporate sector.

The price below includes all workshop materials, coffee breaks and a fully catered lunch. For more information on the schedule of the day, click here. The workshop is open to anyone who is interested to attend.


22 September 2016 8000 THB
4 October 2016 9000 THB


* Special discounted rates are available for limited number of participants from small NGOs and small businesses working in the social space. Please get in touch if you feel you might qualify.

To book your place please email




004 colourRebekah O’Rourke, Managing Director, The Global Leadership Practice

Rebekah specialises in organizational leadership capacity, organizational purpose and the leadership of whole system transformation programmes. Working globally she develops and directs systemic programs of work, stimulating collaboration and exploring what is called forth from leaders and organisations in a shifting global economy and market.  She is also the Academic Lead of the Masters of Philosophy of Social Innovation in Organisational Analysis and Leadership with the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis and Alanus University.

Rebekah has worked in various capacities across Australia, Africa, U.S.A, U.K and South America, including senior and executive level organisational roles. Sectors include; Aid and Development, Engineering and Construction, Education, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Retail.  

She has extensive experience participating in and consulting to executive leadership teams and boards in the strategic leadership and management of various organisations. Also crafting strategic and local level whole-system initiatives, and designing and delivering integrated leadership programs of work across multiple sectors .

Rebekah’s recent published research includes ‘Working to improve institutional strength, The challenge of taking multiple roles in multiple systems’ (2016); ‘Developing Collective Mindfulness: The social sensing matrix’ (2015) and ‘Boundaries: An untapped leadership resource’ (2015).





aartiKapoor_WVA4Aarti Kapoor, Managing Director, Embode

Aarti is the Managing Director of Embode, an international consulting agency focusing on human rights, responsible business and organisational analysis. Embode is a blend of the words ‘abode’ and ‘embody’ representing the shift we make within, in order to take right action without; co-creating a world we all want to live in.

Aarti is passionately dedicated to helping organisations reach their highest potential through working with the systemic experiences of people. Her leadership development approach encourages a balance between deepening one’s understanding of purpose in order to take embodied, conscious action. At the heart of purposeful action is the power of focused intention. Even the smallest of conscious transformations in one’s capacity to discern mindful leadership can result in deep and lasting impact. Aarti is known for her contemplative personality, her analytical mind and capability to think strategically and systemically. As part of a Masters programme with the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis and Alanus University, Aarti is undertaking her final dissertation on the organisational dynamics of international child protection work.

Aarti has over 20 years of professional experience, working across corporate, NGO and public sectors in the UK and Southeast Asia. She is a qualified lawyer in both the UK (England and Wales) and the US (New York state), has a Masters in Law and Economics (LL.M) and a Bachelors in Law (LL.B).

Aarti’s recent published research includes “Finding, making, and taking role: a case study from the complexity of inter-agency dynamics” Transforming Experience in Organisations; A Framework for Organisation Research and Consultancy, ed Prof Susan Long (Karnac Books) (2016)