Women IN Media

Wednesday, September 07, 2016 6:30 PM
Column Tower, Sukhumvit Soi 16, Bangkok



Southeast Asia is a culturally vibrant, economically disparate and politically volatile region. A melting pot of diversity, journalists in Southeast Asia cover humanitarian crises, natural disasters and political unrest as everyday issues. At this event we will hear from some of the region’s most experienced female journalists discussing their work covering Southeast Asia.



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Hailing from backgrounds at publications such as Al Jazeera, The New York Times, Bangkok Post, Thomson Reuters, and more, our panelists will be discussing their thoughts on the representation of women in Thai media, the rise of freelance journalism, new media vs traditional methods and in general their experience working across Southeast Asia.

Joining us for this evening will be Pailin Wedel, Alisa Tang of Thomson Reuters, and Taryn Wilson of Bangkok Post. Leading the discussion will be Anneliese McAuliffe.

More information about our panelists is below.

This event is open to anyone currently working in media or interested in the field. Men are encouraged to attend and we welcome your input into the discussion!

We recommend booking fast as we expect this event to sell out.

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Pailin Wedel is Thai-American video journalist based in Thailand. She has worked on documentary programs for television including commissioned half-hour episodes for Al Jazeera English’s current events documentary reportage program called 101 East. The episodes included, “Myanmar: Free and Fair?” following two women activists as the country prepares for its first nationwide credible elections in fifty years, “Tainted Robes” about how scandals involving Thai monks are rocking the nation, and “Vanishing Sea Tribe” about a nomadic tribe in Thailand and their survival in the modern world. Her work centers on themes of faith, trauma and adaptation to the modernity.  Aside from her television work, she also regularly films pieces for The New York Times, National Geographic, Monocle and the Wall Street Journal. Before diving into the freelance, she was the Asia Interactive producer for the Associated Press where she directed online visual and interactive coverage for the region. She began her career as a photojournalist (stills) in 2004 at a newspaper in the U.S. but quickly fell in love with video narratives and taught herself video production. In her spare time she teaches short courses on video and mobile journalism and contributes to the acclaimed Instagram feed @everydayasia.



Alisa TangAlisa Tang moved to Asia in 2002 to work as a reporter. Initially based in Bangkok, she covered an array of news including the Muslim insurgency in southern Thailand, the Indian Ocean tsunami and the coup that toppled Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. From 2006 to 2008, Alisa lived in Kabul, where she focused on social issues. Among those she met were children living in prison with convicted mothers, a girl traded to settle her father’s debt, and widows whose husbands were killed while trafficking drugs across the Afghan-Iran border. Alisa has lived in Bangkok again since 2008, covering humanitarian issues. In Indonesia, she wrote about the mentally ill being shackled in the absence of health care services. In November, she met a Burmese maid who had rescued her sister from a decade of slavery in Thailand’s Ratchaburi province. Alisa was born to ethnic Chinese Thais practicing medicine in an American farming town called Red Bud, Illinois. A graduate of Columbia University, she speaks Thai and French, as well as elementary Mandarin which is rusty for lack of practice. She joined the Thomson Reuters Foundation in December 2012.




TarynProfileColour1Taryn Wilson is a foreign news editor at the Bangkok Post where she manages coverage of international issues for the Asean, Asia and World pages. She has written on topics ranging from human trafficking in Southeast Asia, to terrorism, war crimes in the Israel-Gaza conflict and crimes against humanity in the Syrian civil war. Taryn started out in journalism in 2002, first as a reporter and later a features writer and copy editor for magazines and websites in both her native New Zealand and in London, where she also had a stint working at the New Zealand embassy. She arrived in Bangkok in early 2012 to return to news in a city she loves. Since then she has also edited content for UN and non-profit agencies, volunteered for two years at a children’s home, and studied international criminal law and terrorism and counterterrorism. Taryn is also a mentor for Wedu’s young women’s leadership development programme.