Our Team

AKIN ASIA is a Bangkok-based organisation and our team resideĀ in Thailand’s capital. Born out of a desire to connect like-minded professional women, AKIN ASIA has grown into a community of professionals that celebrate, share and learn from each other. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, our team share common passions for female empowerment, building communities and cultivating environments for learning.

Xeniya Akin asia

Xeniya Alexeyeva


With a background in Hospitality Management, Xeniya Alexeyeva is passionate about the information sharing that cross-industry collaboration work always brings, hence her active involvement with AKIN ASIA and the belief in helping women all around the world. She possesses great insights into the fashion industry having worked with world-renowned model agencies all over Europe, North America and Asia. Originally from Kazakhstan, Xeniya has been in Bangkok since 2010.